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DUET Digital Twins provide virtual city replicas which make it easy to understand the complex interrelation between traffic, air quality, noise and other urban factors. Powerful analytics model the expected impacts of potential change to help you make better evidence-based operational decisions and longer term policy choices.

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What is a Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a new concept consisting of a continuously learning digital copy of real-world assets, systems and processes that can be queried for specific outcomes.


DUETs Digital Twins consume open data and data models from different sources within the city and integrate them with new technology capabilities including High Powered Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics  to provide a replica city environment where policy experimentation can safely take place.


By predicting asset behaviour and capacity to deliver on specific outcomes within given parameters and cost constraints, the Digital Twin provides a risk-free experimentation environment to inform policy makers and operations managers what they need to do with the assets in the real-word in order to both achieve the most effective long-term policy outcomes, and short-term operational decisions.

Benefits of a Public Sector Digital Twin

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Improved Operations

Make service decisions based on a unified view of city processes with real-time information and predictive impact simulations

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Increased Value for Money

Experiment with different policy options online, exploring impacts across multiple domains, rather than running multiple costly on-the-ground pilots


Better Citizen Experience

Act quickly and seamlessly on citizen real-time needs and help people understand why certain planning or operational decisions have been made

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