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Policy Making Outputs

DUET is developed by cities for cities. DUET’s digital twins promote data-driven decision making by building a comprehensive, virtual representation of a city's processes. With the right data points, DUET digital twins provide a business-level view that can be used to measure, analyse and predict operational impact across an entire city or region. This end-to-end, real-time, visibility enables cities to understand what is happening across its multi-disciplinary domains and  services. With this knowledge, cities can react quickly to events and simulate alternative policy and operational approaches based on real data, as opposed to making assumptions based on generalized expectations.

Results from DUET that are useful for policy making can be found below.


Understand what legal requirements need to be adhered to when creating, managing and making policy using a local digital twin.

Lawyers in Lobby

High level guide that outlines the different starting points for local digital twins, showing that you do not need to start with AI, provides pathway for moving to more advanced twins.


Visit CityTwin to view DUETs real world policy case studies and play with digital twin simulations from Flanders, Athens, Pilsen and beyond.


This official project deliverable sheds light on  the legal landscape that underpins Digital Twin activities and provides a framework for compliance with EU and, where applicable for DUET, national legislation. 

Legal Advice

This simple animated video outlines what a Digital Twin is for those who are new to the subject. It shares the benefits of their adoption and what each pilot city in DUET will be using theirs for.


DUETs sister project called PoliVisu (Policy Visualisations) developed an online course on how to use city data for policy making. The course is still in date and available. DUET will build on the results and offer a follow-on course in 2022.


DUET's final policy brief acts as a primer to explain why cities should begin their digital twin journey now and how to get started.

Twitter Posts for Final DUET Policy Brief (1).png

Understanding the reasons for developing a local digital twin is very important to understand governance and use aspect.


View the video created by Flanders to show 27 EU Ministers with responsibility for digital transformation the power and potential of Twins.

Tech for Government Finalists.jpg

DUETs vision/mission statement was created by city, research and technology partners.  All new projects should have a vision for their Digital Twins which will help guide progress to achieve needed benefits


DUET started a video FAQ so our city and technical experts could answer your questions directly.  Please let us know what other queries you would like us to address here.

On the Phone

This official DUET deliverable seeks to (i) discuss the building blocks of the ethical discourse around data-based decision making, and (ii) suggest an ethical code of conduct (ethical principles) for cities in such a context.

Monitoring Room

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