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The DUET Consortium is working with a number of experts on an official book to be published by Springer Computing on Local Digital Twins.

The book provides an introduction to local digital twins for data-supported decision making, outlining the technology and standards involved in creating twin instances, as well as exploring potential benefits.

The open access book is due for publication in early 2023.  To ensure you receive digital access please sign up to DUETs newsletter via the form in the website footer.


dyntapy: dynamic and static traffic assignmetn in Python - JOSS (September 2022)


Report from the Evidence Based Policymaking in Europe Summit 2021


Co-Creation and Stakeholder Engagement for Evidence-Based Policymaking


UnLocking the potential of digital disruption for responsible, sustainable and trusted urban decisions


Governance Ethics for Evidence-Based Policymaking


Policy Prediction, the Future of Evidence-Based Policymaking? 


The Data Driven Policy Cluster Roadmap: Using the European Cloud Infrastructure for Public Administrations


Peer reviewed article 'Forging the Future of Responsive Cities Through Local Digital Twins' – published in ERCIM Smart and Circular Cities special edition magazine (Oct 2021)


Conference paper 'From an Inside-In towards an Outside-Out Urban Digital Twin: Business models and
implementation challenges' 
- 6th International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities (Sep 2021)


White paper on Open Urban Digital Twins – insights on the current state of play (May 2021)


DUET: A Framework for Building Secure and Trusted Digital Twins of Smart Cities - IEEE Internet Computing magazine (July 2022)


Traffic Modelling for the Smart City of Pilsen - Proceedings Vol. 1, 8th International Conference on Cartography and GIS, 2020, Nessebar, Bulgaria ISSN: 1314-0604, Eds: Bandrova T., Konečný M., Marinova S.


Smart Decision Making - Project white paper for distribution to conferences and events (February 2020).