Frequently asked questions

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a digital replica or representation of a system, process or place which mimics its real-world behaviour. OR It’s a real-time updated collection of data, models and algorithms allowing for better real-time analysis of assets.

Which are the objectives of DUET?

1. Create a cloud and HPC enabled Digital Twin approach for collaborative policy making

2. Test Digital Twin approach for more effective policy experimentation

3. Ensure wider sustainability and impact through the scalability and transferability of outcomes

What is innovative about the DUET Digital Twin solution?

1. Brings all the different datasources & assets of the city together in one digital replica of the city. 2. Predictive functionalities of the digital twins.

How will the cities and governments benefit from the DUET solutions?

In Athens, Greece - The digital twin of DUET will create an interactive pool of data included in the digital replica of Athens. This will be dynamically updated, open, robust and usable for evidence-based decision making. DAEM pilot will launch the Athens digital twin in order to facilitate the exploration and experimentation targetting polution reduction and city planning with the final goal to explore solutions and decision that can boost the quality of life in Athens.

More info on the DUET solutions can be found by checking the page with the videos prepared by the consortium members. 



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