Research Related Outputs

Researchers that incorporate data in their work from numerous sources via DUET digital twins find that it ignites innovation, as they become equipped with high-quality urban data, and a deeper understanding of complex urban operations, which stimulate new research areas and/or help build next-generation innovations.

Results from DUET that are relevant to research can be found below.


This deliverable provides a first overview of the policy value network in each of the DUET pilot regions. It identifies the key stakeholders that affect data driven policy making in each DUET pilot.

Crowd of People

Digital twins have generated a lot of hype recently but questions remain as to what the technology actually means and how to build one for smart cities


The contribution describes Traffic Modeller ( - a web map application for monitoring, analysis and prediction of traffic in a metropolitan area.


The goal of this deliverable is to describe what-if scenarios of how processes will look like when DUET is implemented. It describes the user stories for different domains and lists the key stakeholders and relevant datasets.


The exploitation and commercialisation of the DUET project cover three different areas: the exploitation of the pilot sites, the exploitable results beyond the consortium and the commercialisation for the partners. 

Business Meeting

This deliverable looks into the business models of digital twins, which challenges they face and, based on this analysis, to determine the requirements for a cloud infrastructure to support the development of Urban Digital Twins.

Business Graphs

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