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Athens has the benefit and privilege of being a metropolitan European city with the largest population in Greece, combined with large surges of tourist and visitors’ traffic. There is a growing need to transform the city into a hub for potential economic growth and social convergence. The recent economic crisis is being tackled through an ongoing social and digital transformation focusing mainly on improving the service of the citizens. The latter has already established important policies and innovations for the city’s digitalisation.

The current challenge for Athens is to create an interactive pool of city data that will be dynamically updated, open, robust and usable for evidence-based decision making to enhance the Athens livability experience for all. Hence, the need for an integrated Digital Twin with the capacity to merge all the city’s digital sources and make it easily accessible and useful for exploration and experimentation.

Pilot Goals: Athens sees data-driven decision making as a key pillar for city and business transformation. In an era of exponential and constant change, Athens wishes to embrace Digital Twin use to: (1) Understand city relationships and overcome engagement barriers with stakeholders; (2) Create new business value based on data-driven insights; (3) Co-create digital services with the active engagement and participation of citizens; (4) Generate decision making approach using common standards for greater interoperability of digital tools; (5) Improve effectiveness of policy design and implementation.

Athens is cracking down on air quality, around six per cent of all deaths in Greece are linked to air pollution, towards which diesel engines are acknowledged as a leading contributor, along with a high smoking percentage of the population. With nearly 30 percent of Greece's population living in the capital, having government departments working on transport, health and environmental policies to tackle the issue together seems eminently sensible. 

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