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Pilot Lead: City of Pilsen

City of Pilsen

Pilsen is a mid-sized city with a population of 165+ thousand people located in the western part of the Czech Republic. Pilsen is a hub for commuters, retail, entertainment and tourism/visiting. Pilsen faces many challenges in terms of transport planning and the city design itself. The Pilsen case is a good example for many smaller/medium sized cities and hence the Digital Twin developed within this pilot will be of high importance elsewhere.

The City of Pilsen is developing and implementing the Smart City concept in different areas including mobility, security, business support, environment, ICT and public participation. However, there is still a lack of complex and data-based planning across different sectors and policy areas that influence each other.


Digital Twin Goal: The Pilsen pilot will focus on the interrelation between transport and noise pollution in a 3D environment. Noise pollution in the city environment is influenced by many factors. One of the factors is the local road transport - especially the traffic volumes that pass by the built-up environment, types of vehicles and traffic conditions such as speed limits. The other factors that play a crucial role in the city ecosystem is urban design, urban morphology, land use, street distribution, street environment and green infrastructure.

Policy Goal: Pilsen will demonstrate the DUET Digital Twin concept across transport and mobility, urban planning and environment and wellbeing by focusing on two related policy areas (1)  Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) which recognises the need to protect quiet areas in cities and towns as sites of value to the local community. Plants and specific land use can play a role in this by softening the urban environment and reducing noise, and; (2) the development of Pilsen’s sustainable mobility plan. Stress will be made on the interrelation of these policy areas, breaking the silo-based traditional approaches in decision making.

Pilsen Digital Twin Demo

Pilsen Use Cases



How might we better understand the evolution of traffic-related noise and air quality in the city, with the goal of improving the living environment for citizens?



How could we get a holistic digital overview of the city public space and of various city's digital resources for urban planning purposes?



How might we create a dedicated tech community around the digital twin, with the goal to deliver new and innovative services to citizens?

From Team Pilsen...

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