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All the below videos were produced under the scope of the DUET project which has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 870697. 



DUET Digital Twins Sneak Peak

DUET Smart Cities Award video - Nov 2021


DUET Explainer Video

DUET explainer video in French

DUET explainer video in German

DUET explainer video in Greek

DUET explainer video in Czech

Digital Twins: What Are They And How Can Cities Benefit From Them?

Lea Hemetsberger of OASC and Pavel Kogut of 21c Consultancy explain what a Digital Twin is. 

Jiri Bouchal of IS-Practice and Koen Triangle of imec introduce what is innovative about the DUET Digital Twin solution.

Dimitra Tsakanika of DAEM, Koen Triangle of imec and Lieven Raes of AIV discuss how city of Athens, Flanders region and governments will benefit from the DUET solution. 

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