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Digital Twin Maturity Model Strategy Phase

This phase is the starting point for many smaller to medium sized cities. It is characterised by the fact that the city already has a digital transformation strategy along with the political will to create local digital twins for enhancing it's decision making and urban planning processes. Enablers to help the city move forward with this phase includes, the ability to source funding for getting started, being able to leverage existing digital twin models, and the availability of urban open data sources.

Questions to ask at this stage include:  What is a digital twin? How can a digital twin support better evidence based decisions? Who else has implemented digital twins?  What case studies are available?

Office Meeting

Featured Content

The white paper below was created by the DUET team at the start of the project to provide an easy-to-understand overview of DUET's purpose, objectives and approach to creating local (urban) digital twins.

Useful Deliverables from DUET

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DUET Project Vision (D8.1): Aspirations and north star for local digital twins


Policy Network (D2.1):

Mapping of policies and stakeholders and data flows.

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Legal Landscape (D1.3):

Legal landscape & criterion related to digital twins.

Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens

Scenarios (D2.2):

Future scenarios for DUET to model digital twin capabilities on.

Other Useful Resources


Horizon Europe: Research and innovation funding programme until 2027. How to get funding, programme structure, missions, European partnerships, news and events. 


Living-In.euSupporting European cities with digital transformation to tackle a range of interconnected challenges through approached with bolster EU values.

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