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Digital Twin Maturity Model Future Ready Phase

The fourth phase of the model is the achievement of intelligent, AI enabled twins that are ready to tackle a range of policy challenges to create a more resilient and sustainable future.  At this stage the twins can ingest and use both structured and unstructured data for cross-domain impact modelling and prediction in real-time. As a result, cities can use the resulting insights to make real-time decisions and longer-term policies with a strong multi-dimensional alignment. Enablers include the fact that digital twin supported information is embedded as an official channel in city leadership decision processes; ethical processes and standards are adopted for AI use and the digital twins can use High Powered Computing (HPC) for its advanced modelling, analytics and predictioning. At this stage, the AI enabled twins should be deemed ‘future ready’.

Questions to address at this stage include: How are digital twins expected to evolve in the next 5 years?  What ethics principles are guiding the use of AI?  Is the user experience intuitive?

Medical Technology

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This policy brief was created by DUET and a cluster of other digital European projects to help guide cities towards the trustworthy adoption of new technologies for data supported decision making.

Useful Deliverables from DUET

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Ethical Principles (D1.5):

Ethical principles for data-driven decision making.

Aerial View of Flyover Bridges

EU Cloud Infrastructure (D1.7)

Coming soon.

Smart Alarm System

Security Model (D3.11):

Security spec for a multi-layered security framework 

Person Analyzing Data

Legal Compliance (D1.4):

Guide on the legal necessities for data-driven policy making.

Other Useful Resources


EC Ethical AI Working Group: Experts collaboratively working towards ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI along with policy and investment recomendations.. 


Future of Cities: The Urban Data Platform Plus provides access to the status and trends of cities and regions and to EU supported urban development strategies.

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