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Digital Twin Maturity Model Insightful Phase

The third phase see’s cities moving from exploring digital twin use to a more structured use of the twins to predict policy impact. Thanks to earlier experimenting with data models, the city can now integrate larger numbers of urban data sets, and use more advanced simulations to generate actionable insights which cover multiple domains (e.g. impact of creating a low emission zone on travel times, air quality, noise, amount of freight, traffic accidents etc). Enablers here include the adoption of easy-to-understand interfaces which centre differing stakeholders around a common view for more strategic and evidence-based discussions/consultation, as well as funding shifting from opex to utilise cloud capex budgets.

Questions to address at this stage include:  What kind of visuals are needed for the use case? What is the frequency of the data? What kind of prediction models are needed? What security and access controls are needed?  Should the twin interface be 2D or 3D? How will the digital twin outputs be integrated into existing public sector processes?


Featured Content

This paper was created by DUET partner iMEC to provide a more indepth understanding of what constitutes a local digital twin and how they are contribute to cross-domain decision making.

Useful Deliverables from DUET


Cloud for Simulation (D3.5):

Specifications to calibrate models & calculate simulations.

Yellow Spheres

Digital Twin Data Broker (D3.8):

Broker API & support for open linked data formats.


DUET Visualisations (D4.7):

2D and 3D visualisations for twin interfaces.

Stock Market Down

Data Management (D8.5):

Data Management and Modelling Plan for DUET.

Other Useful Resources


European Law Institute: Guiding principles for automated decision making within the European Union. 


European Data Governance Act: Seeks to increase trust in data sharing, strengthen mechanisms to increase data availability and overcome technical obstacles to the reuse of data.

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