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TraMod Wins Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics Smart City Competition

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

DUET's Traffic Modeller web app won an annual 2021 Smart Cities competition, hosted by CTU in Prague, in the category: "Project for a city with 50-200 thousand inhabitants". The award ceremony for the winners of the competition, now in its 5th year, took place on December 2, 2021 at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics CTU. The announcement of the results was hosted by Jakub Železný, a moderator of Czech Television. The competition is organized by the non-governmental non-profit organization Smart City Innovations Institut, z.ú.

The competition was open to cities, regions, regions, private companies or individuals and smart solutions in the form of a project, model or vision (i.e. even projects whose implementation is still in preparation) could be submitted. All submitted solutions were evaluated by the competition's expert jury, which consisted of 26 Smart City experts from the public sector, municipalities, Smart City technology leaders and academia. In their evaluation, the judges took into account the solution's compliance with the Smart City principles and pillars, which included the criteria of feasibility, sustainability, proven savings, open data and public involvement. Awards in the competition were given in a total of ten categories. In each category, two finalists were selected by the jury who received the highest rating from the Expert Jury in that category. The City of Pilsen took the top two places in its category, as the second place went to the project of the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen: "City IoT Network on the LoRaWan Platform".

Traffic Modeler is currently developed in cooperation with RoadTwin s.r.o. and has become the main pillar of the European projects PoliVisu and DUET, in which the city of Pilsen acts as a pilot city. A new version of the app will be available in 2022, offering a range of new features. Among the most important ones will be the possibility of adding new roads to the traffic model and experimenting with intersection turning bans.

Traffic Modeller is a traffic modeller that can simulate traffic restrictions (and their various combinations) over the traffic model of Pilsen and display the modelled traffic volumes on the city's roads at selected days and times of the day. The simulated traffic constraints (or new road design) can also be visualized as a comparison of traffic volumes between the experiment and the base model. The created experiments can be shared with other Traffic Modeler users or published for public use, as in the case of the agreed planned closures in Pilsen on the website:

Read more about the web application for city transport workers in a separate article (CZ).

Daniel Beran (RoadTwin) and Stanislav Štangl (SITmP) with prizes for winning the Smart Cities 2021 competition

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