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Sharing Our Knowledge at CITYxCITY

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Cities are struggling to unlock value from their data due to a myriad of factors, including the lack of data quality, consistency, accuracy, coverage, freshness, and completeness, plus the lack of data understanding (data literacy) to enable meaningful interpretation of data.

Aside from the data itself, an overreliance on traditional methods combined with the lack of infrastructure with advanced analytics capabilities to analyse the volume and variety of city data fast enough has also hampered progress.

DUET helps cities address these challenges by providing access to the needed computing power, by making data easier to understand, and by establishing ethical principles for data driven decision making.

Cloud computing has not been used for high performance computing to the same degree as other use cases for several reasons, chief among which is cost.

DUET sets out to advance this area by providing a new shared approach for its use in policy making and city management using the Digital Twin technology. The Digital Twin infrastructure with its deep-dive visualisation platform for policy experimentation will boost collaboration and policy innovation and bring new discoveries and intelligence through novel views of city data.

These were the key messages that DUET’s coordinator Lieven Raes of Informatie Vlaanderen presented at CITYxCITY conference. The event is an initiative of Open & Agile Smart Cities; its goal - to guide cities and communities through their digital transformation journey.

CITYxCITY brought together many specialists from across Europe and beyond. We are excited that our presentation attracted the interest of one computer science expert from the publishing industry who even suggested to write a book about the project, an invitation that we gladly accepted!

We will keep you posted on the outcome of this exciting new opportunity. In the meantime, check out Lieven's presentation from the event (starts 26:29).

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