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Report Summarising Key Insights and Recommendations from Data Governance Act Webinar Now Available

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Last February, DUET joined forces with three other H2020 projects (Policy Cloud, Cyberwatching, URBANITE) to discuss the proposed regulation on data governance. The webinar attracted a lot of interest from across Europe; in total, 121 participants joined the event to hear from industry experts about the Data Governance Act and its implications for policy making.

The published report provides an overview of the webinar, as well as relevant links to the recording and slides. It includes a comprehensive summary of the audience questions and panelist responses from the Q&A session. Seven practical recommendations on how to prepare for the upcoming DGA are provided at the end, covering internal policy, cybersecurity, the data ecosystem, user-centric approach, data governance tools, technology, and digital twins.

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