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Forging the Future of Responsive Cities Through Local Digital Twins Published by ERCIM

DUET's point of view on the future of responsive smart cities was published this month by the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics in a special peer-reviewed journal on academic and industry research which addresses technology, systems, applications, and services in the Smart and Circular Cities domain.

"This edition includes articles targeting important elements such as security and privacy, as well as the integration of technologies like Digital Twins and the Smart Grid, which are still evolving at a rapid pace. Experiences from deployments that use more conventional approaches from a technological stand point offer us glimpses of the near future, while reports from smart city projects using novel methodologies and technologies give us a better sense of how smart city research will evolve to encompass new communities and tools."

DUETs paper focuses on the potential which Local Digital Twins offer the Public Sector, showcasing examples directly from DUET pilot partner sites, Athens, Flanders and Pilsen. It then addresses how additional societal value can be extrapolated by supplementing physical information with social and emotional data which will enable future Digital Twins to better support the co-creation of meaningful, data-driven, intelligent urban experiences for all.

Editorial About ERCIM

ERCIM News is the magazine of ERCIM. Published quarterly, it reports on joint actions of the ERCIM partners, and aims to reflect the contribution made by ERCIM to the European Community in Information Technology and Applied Mathematics. Through short articles and news items, it provides a forum for the exchange of information between the institutes and also with the wider scientific community. This issue has a circulation of about 6,000 printed copies and is also available online ,at

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