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DUET Takes Centre Stage at #TDV22 in Flanders

Today, our societies must respond quickly and inventively to new challenges and crises, be it a health crisis, the energy shift or a crisis of a geopolitical nature. Governments, companies and citizens need to become more and more agile and resilient. That was the central theme of the Digital Flanders Trefdag in 2022: how can we as a society leverage digital transformation to make ourselves more agile and resilient?

DUET weighed in on this important topic through a presentation by Lieven Raes, Advisor at Digital Flanders and DUET project coordinator.

In his speech, Lieven highlighted the many potentials of urban Digital Twins: as a decision support tool for policy makers and urban planners, as an enabler of digital ecosystems that allows them to better respond to a crisis, as a stakeholder engagement tool that promotes citizen participation in urban decision making.

The added value of this pioneering technology was then illustrated with specific use cases developed within DUET for Flanders, such as simulation of a bridge closure, pedestrian flows, shadow mapping, to give just a few examples.

All these are available on our Digital Twin platform. Visit to see the power of Digital Twins in action!

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