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DUET at the hEART of Transport Research Community

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The hEART Symposium celebrated its 10th anniversary in early June 2022, providing an opportunity for experts in transport modelling, transport economics, transport engineering and transport policy to exchange ideas on latest advances in technologies driving innovation in the field. The event was hosted in Leuven by Chris Tampère of KU Leuven in conjunction with Francesco Viti of University of Luxembourg.

Attending the event was also a team of DUET experts from KU Leuven (Paul Ortmann, Chris Tampere, Lotte Notelaers) who presented their research and some innovative results part-funded by the project, such as dyntapy and poidpy.

In a nutshell, dyntapy is a python package for researchers working on or with macroscopic vehicular dynamic and static traffic assignments.

Most publications in transport modelling still rely on closed source software for macroscopic assignments. This makes it difficult to reproduce, critically assess and build on others' work. dyntapy fills this gap by making assignment algorithms accessible and providing supplementary functionality such as network parsing and visualisation.

The poidpy package estimates car traffic demand between zones in a region purely from open data (points of interest in OpenStreetMap). It assists in quickly setting up a new transport model for any region of interest, or to convert existing traffic demand data into a different zoning system e.g. refinement into smaller zones of a coarsely-zoned demand matrix.

Interested in testing dyntapy? Here is the link to run the tutorial straight from your browser. Test of poidpy comes in the form of a Jupyter tutorial through this link.

For any questions about dyntapy feel free to contact Paul Ortman or Lotte Notelaers directly.

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