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DUET Introduces Digital Twins Concept to the Global Forum

Global Forum/Shaping the Future is a leading think tank on digital issues. It offers strategic insight and promotes dialogue and networking to support the development of common visions and partnerships. It held a pre-conference webinar on June 9th 2021 to discuss important topics that should feature on the agenda of its annual conference in December.

Attended by a global audience of smart city practitioners, academics and innovative SME's the webinar provided a unique opportunity to horizon scan the urban technology landscape and better understand the new concepts and tools that will shortly be reshaping society.

DUET project partner, Hugo Kerschot of IS-Practice took the opportunity to present the concept of Digital Twins for smarter city decision making by outlining the history leading to the adoption of these technologies, from basic points-of-interest mapping, through to a more complex and systemic way to view and understand policy impact. Hugo argued that whilst cities are eager to step-up to the technological plate and deliver increasing benefits for residents and visitors, the age-old challenge of data access and quality is still a real struggle. DUET with its innovative T-Cell architecture for data brokerage and interoperability can help show data owners the value of a more inclusive approach. The discussion will be continued at the annual conference.

To learn more about Global Forum please checkout their website. Their next conference is planned to take place in Oman on the 6th and 7th December this year.

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